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The Danube Delta
The Danube Delta is an exotic place, a wildlife refuge hosting more than 1,200 varieties of trees and plants, 300 species of birds, and 100 fish species. The "Gateway" to the paradise of waters is Tulcea city. This is the place to start a journey to the inner regions of the Danube Delta.

An expedition into the Danube Delta means discovering the Letea Grind, with its strange wood, well known for asymmetrically shaped trees. It also means discovering the "Bird Heaven", the natural parks and bird colonies such as Petrisor, Zatoane, Uslina-Crisan, Golobovita and Sahalin Isand.

Fish is the region's specialty cuisine and you can dine on a wide range of fish-based dishes in the Delta. One not to miss is the local fish soup.

The way to explore the Delta is by boat, whether by ferry, fishing boat, kayak or rowboat. A trip through the inner channels requires specialized equipment and a local pathfinder to guide your way. It's a trip wildlife lovers should not miss.

Delta hut

Fish soup

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